Building and Planning


The Festus Building and Planning Department is responsible for:

  • Commercial / Residential / Industrial Building Permits
  • Construction and Remodeling Plan Review and Inspections
  • Enforcement of Solid Waste Ordinances
  • Nuisance Violations
  • Pool and Deck Installation
  • Subdivision and Land Use Requirements

Call us with your questions. We’ll try to answer them over the phone, or we will visit and investigate your concern.

We Can Assist With...

  • Building / Construction Codes (2009 IBC, IRC, IFC, 2008 Life Safety Code, 2008 National Electrical Code)
  • Construction Plan Review (2009 IBC, IRC, IFC, 2008 Life Safety Code, 2008 National Electrical Code)
  • Flood Plain Management (National Flood Insurance Program, FEMA, SEMA)
  • High Grass / Weeds (Municipal Codes Chapter 215)
  • Nuisances (Municipal Codes Chapter 215)
  • Planning (Municipal Codes Chapter 400)
  • Property Maintenance (2009 International Property Maintenance Code, Municipal Codes Chapter 215)
  • Sign Regulations (Municipal Codes Chapter 405)
  • Solid Waste Management (Municipal Codes Chapter 225)
  • Stormwater Control (Municipal Codes Chapter 415)
  • Subdivision Development (Municipal Codes Chapter 410)
  • Zoning Ordinances (Municipal Codes Chapter 400)

Our Principles

We strive for the Building and Planning Department to be a valuable resource for the citizens of the City of Festus while fostering a friendly, open environment. Our reputation will be built on three principles:

  • Courtesy
  • Fast, thorough, equitable service
  • Part of the process and the solution