Residential Building Permit Requirements

What Requires a Building Permit?

Many residential construction projects in the City of Festus require a building permit. Any project considered a substantial improvement would require a building permit. A substantial improvement is determined by the building commissioner or their authorized agent. Any project involving the replacement or installation of framing, plumbing or electrical require permits. Some home improvements might not require permits while others do. Any new construction or major renovation would normally require sealed drawings from an architect or engineer. When in doubt, contact the Festus Building Department at 636-937-6646 or by email.

Another consideration is a Land Disturbance Permit. These permits are required when any soil will be disrupted. When there is a possibility of soil or debris leaving the construction site, silt control will be required.

Applying for a Permit

In order to obtain your permit, submit a completed Application for Plan Examination and Building Permit (PDF), 2 sets construction drawings, along with a site plan, to:

Festus Public Works
950 N 5th Street
Festus, MO 63028

Example Plans / Drawings