Commercial Building Permit Requirements

Do I Need a Commercial Building Permit?

Many commercial construction projects in the City of Festus require a building permit. Remodeling as well as new construction would require a building permit. Any project involving the replacement or installation of framing, plumbing, electrical or mechanical systems require permits. Any new construction or major renovation would normally require sealed drawings from an architect or engineer. Often, a pre-application meeting prior to submittal of drawings or plans is helpful. When in doubt, contact the Festus Building Department.

  • Contractors License: Any contractor or sub-contractor working in the City of Festus is required to obtain an individual Contractors License.
  • Land Disturbance Permit: Land Disturbance permits are required when soil will be disrupted. When there is a possibility of soil or debris leaving the construction site, silt control would be required.
  • Right of Way Permit: A Right of Way permit is required for any street cuts or work performed in right of ways.
  • Sign Permit: Sign Permits are required for new installations as well as “re-facing” of existing signs. Free standing and attached signs require permits.
  • Sprinkler Plans: Sprinkler drawings and calculations may be required on certain projects. For example, an assembly (A-2) occupancy with an occupant load greater than 100 would require an automatic sprinkler system.
  • Storm Water Review: A storm water management plan may be required for new buildings, alterations, parking areas, or changes to impervious surfaces.

Applying for a Permit

In order to obtain your permits, submit a completed Application for Plan Examination and Building Permit (PDF), 3 sets of construction drawings, 3 site plans, and any other documentation to:

Festus Public Works
950 N 5th Street
Festus, MO 63028

Please contact the City of Festus Building Department with any questions at 636-937-6646 or by email.