Fence Requirements

Building or installing a Fence in the City of Festus does not require a building permit.

Although a fence does not require a building permit, there are a few zoning regulations that apply. These are a few of the requirements to consider when constructing a fence.


  • The maximum height of a fence in the rear yard is 7 feet (84 inches). The maximum height in the front yard is 4 feet or 48 inches. The front yard is considered anything forward of the face (addressed street side) of the home.
  • All portions of the fence must remain on the property. Some lots are on streets that have rights-of-way. The property may not continue all the way to the curb or sidewalk. Sometimes what is perceived to be an existing property line due to previously installed fences, proximity of structures, trees, etc. or even the assumed property boundaries may not be the actual property line. It is the installers / owners responsibility to locate all property lines and rights-of-way to ensure compliance.
  • Corner lots must maintain a “vision clearance” where streets / alleys intersect. To determine the “vision clearance” area, measure 15 feet in each direction from the corner of the intersection. Create a diagonal line from these 2 points. Anything within this triangle must not be taller that 3 feet (36 inches) or lower than 12 feet. The vision clearance could apply in areas where a neighbor uses the alley to leave their driveway.

When in doubt, contact the building department to ensure compliance.