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The City of Festus is proud to provide its citizens with reliable information such as special reports, magazines and newspaper collections. These sources are updated daily and include local and international publications and news broadcast videos at your fingertips simply by using your Festus Library card's identification number.

Access NewsBank for a vast array of current and archived information!

NewsBank Categories

  • Current Events & News - Your local and national information is available here from newspapers, magazines and video of news broadcasts.
  • Magazines and Periodicals - Search current and archived issues of Popular Science, Baby Talk, USA Today, Newsweek, Parenting, and more.
  • Book Club Information & Book Reviews - Identify thousands of book reviews from all over the country, find out what other clubs are doing and how they are expanding their programs.
  • Environmental News - The "Special Report - World Environment" section gives in-depth coverage of environmental issues and treaties from around the globe, including special collections of government documents on land water conservation and global warming.
  • Historical and Archived Data - Search millions of archived articles and newspaper records for past events and people.
  • Travel Section - Know the latest Travel Advisories for International Travel, find the newest hot spots to visit locally and internationally, travel information on every country is available.
  • Business and Investing Section - Get the latest Economic and Investment Information in "World Economy" and get background information regarding companies and investing reports, including crops, livestock and commodity investing, plus find the latest details about stocks and government bonds in the NewsBank collection.
  • Career Education and Learning - "Special Reports Education Around the World" section collects articles and information about educational developments from all over the world.
  • Employment and Career Development - Be completely prepared for interviews by knowing the background information about the company. Search the latest information regarding who "is hiring," who are the best companies to work for and much more. Resume and interview tips too!
  • Genealogy - Search thousands of Newspapers for Obituaries and Death Notices.
  • Health and Medicine - Special Reports - "World Health and Science and Health" provides worldwide resources updated daily with information on new research and developments regarding cancer, diabetes, and more. Search within the complete collection and get information on every health condition. Also, search the Collection on each health issue and discover thousands of articles on current health research.
  • Kids - Check it Out! - Video Game Reviews, Sports Information, and Homework Help - All NewsBank Special Reports can assist students and patrons with research on popular school research projects/topics from around the world. Including topographical and political maps, national statistics and much more.
  • Science and Natural Disasters - Special Reports "Science and Health in the News" and "Natural Disasters" is a collection of current and archived research on scientific developments from around the world, including natural disasters such as Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and much more.
  • Home School Program Support - Identify what Home Schooling programs around the country are doing, curriculum information, reviews, and ideas for your Home School Program.
  • Local, Statewide and National Politics and Election Information - Easily identify the latest political information for your community and the nation with State Resource and Special Report searches.
  • Chess Club - Get the latest information on Chess Club Events across the country, strategy talk and more.
  • Knitting and Crochet Clubs - Get the latest information on Knitting and Crochet events and materials.
  • Poetry Club - Reviews and more about Poetry books, club events and the latest about Authors.