Assistant Chief of Police


Captain Lewis Pippin.  Email Captain Pippin.


As Captain he serves as second in command of the Police Department and helps oversee the daily functions of the Police Department. He is responsible for the direct oversight of the Patrol and Detective divisions.  Captain Pippin also serves as the commissioned officer over the dispatch and clerical divisions. While he does not work directly in these departments daily he is working with both the dispatchers and clerical staff hand in hand to make sure everything is handled properly. Those duties include oversight of all the paper and digital records kept by the department, along with maintaining all the equipment in dispatch (i.e. Radios, computers, etc.) to make sure they are functioning correctly for the safety of the citizens and officers.

Some of the many other duties for Captain Pippin include:

  • Department system administrator to include the oversight of the computer network, hardware, and software the department utilizes and making sure they are kept up to date and running correctly.
  • Grant administrator to include both the writing and oversight of all grants for the department traffic
  • Oversight of the Evidence Division of the department
  • Oversight of the vehicle maintenance program making sure all of the patrol vehicles are kept in good working order and that all of their equipment is up to date and operating correctly