Shed Requirements

Shed Installation Requirements

Building or installing a storage shed in the City of Festus requires a building permit.  

In order to obtain your permits you may use our ONLINE PORTAL or submit a completed Application for Plan Examination and Building Permit (PDF), 1 set of construction drawings, a site plans and any other documentation to:

Festus Public Works
950 N 5th Street
Festus, MO 63028

Please contact the City of Festus Building Department with any questions at 636-937-6646 or by email.

A Storage Shed is referred to as an Accessory Building in the Festus zoning code.  These are a few of the requirements to consider when applying for the building permit.

  • The accessory building must be located in the rear yard, minimum 5 feet from the property lines (rear and side), 6 feet from the house and a maximum height of 15 feet.
  • The total square footage plus any other accessory structure shall not occupy more than 20% of the required rear yard.
  • If the accessory structures floor space is 400 sq. feet or over, a foundation/frost wall is required.  No permit is required if under 20 sq. feet.
  • Accessory buildings must be anchored to the ground (1/2” anchors into a 4” slab, augers, anchored into piers, etc.)
  • Accessory buildings cannot be installed over an utility easement.

Please contact the Festus Building Department with any further questions or assistance.