What are the requirements for roof ice & water shield?

The City of Festus has adopted and enforces the 2009 International Residential Code (IRC).

Requirements for Ice Barrier & Drip Edge

  • Section R905.2.7.1 mentions Ice Barrier “In areas where there has been a history of ice forming along the eaves causing a backup of water as designated in Table R301.2(1).” Per Table R301.2(1), Ice Barrier Underlayment is not required.
  • The 2009 IRC does not mention use of “drip edge” therefore drip edge is not required.
  • During the re-roofing or repair / replacement, all manufacturer installation instruction and requirements must be followed.
  • A building permit is not required for most standard re-roofing projects. If there is repair or replacement of any structural member (truss, rafter, sheeting etc.), a building permit may be required. Please contact the Festus Building Department for advisement.
  • A contractors license is required for any work performed in the City of Festus.

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